One Ever Deepening Maine-Chile Relationship

When we first went to Chile seventeen years ago, we were surprised that a woman on the board of the church interviewing us, had good friends who lived in Maine!  After all, it is over 6,000 miles between these two destinations and we had never really known anyone from Chile prior to attending a conference in Costa Rica the year before.     
During our interview at the church in Chile, the woman told us that these friends, Bill and Ann Barry lived in Brunswick, which was just a short drive for us where we lived.  We have had numerous visits to their home over the years, enjoying our new friendship and Ann’s great cooking which included her super Maine Blueberry pie.  We also exchanged photos and small souvenirs sent to and by her friend in Chile.  Bill, her husband, has since gone to be with the Lord and Ann has moved out of the family home, BUT we stay connected by email and in person every time we come to Maine.  Mostly we have breakfast together at the Freeport Café and catch up on what God is doing in our lives.  But on occasion, we have gone out to lunch or to a concert at the residence where she now lives.  Ann was a great supporter of my writing the book, the Recycled Pharisee, being an avid writer herself and a wonderful supporter of our ministry, Foundations For Glory, as well as a continual prayer warrior.  When we go back to Chile, which we are going to do this year for several months, we always connect with our mutual friends sharing pictures and stories.  One can never have too many friends BUT there are some who rise to the top of the list.  You also know that you are in their hearts, minds and prayers, more and more as the years go by and the relationship deepens.  Ann is one such friend for Janet and I.