Biblical 'One Anothers'

When we first arrived in New England the end of January for our annual family “time share” trip, we spent the first weekend with some friends in Connecticut. On Sunday morning, we went to church with them and heard an interesting sermon about "biblical one-another’s".  I remember very little about the sermon that day but I have been captivated by the phrase “one another” ever since!

There was a list of the scripture verses available on the web-site so our friend sent us a copy, and I began to look them up.

 In this process I realized that many of these scripture passages are well known, such as "love one another" or "forgive one another".  Over the last six weeks while we have enjoyed the winter wonderland of New England, I decided that I was going to preach my own sermon about these interesting scriptures.  I also decided that I wanted to challenge many of our family and friends to take on a special Lenten project this year.  So on the day before I was scheduled to preach at the Anglican mission in Lisbon, we stopped at one of our favorite places in Freeport.  In the 1912 Cafe at the L.L.Bean Flagship store we set up shop and I composed an email suggesting that people join us and attempt to "live anew and afresh" these ancient truths during the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday!  The sermon was a rousing success with many in the congregation adding their thoughts and hopefully many of you will be excited about joining us! If you want a copy of the list of "biblical one-anothers" just send us an email and we will be happy to share one with you.  Have a blessed Lenten season!