God Answers When You Ask

I am always surprised when I pray for God to speak to me about something in my life about which only HE can provide the wisdom and guidance that I need…and rather soon He does!  Here is the latest example.  Last Sunday, Janet and I were back at the last Episcopal Church where I worked before I retired almost 20 years ago.  When we were invited to be there, I was supposed to preach BUT then the bishop had to change his schedule and needed to be there for the same Sunday.  So, of course, the bishop always preaches when he visits a congregation and I would still take part in the service and enjoy the fellowship of old friends.  Knowing this “recycled Pharisee”, you might have guessed already that I was somewhat annoyed BUT no one, not even my wife knew!  Over this same weekend, we were praying for God to give us direction regarding how to be involved in helping some friends who are missionary pastors in another part of the world.  I simply asked God to give me wisdom regarding what HE wanted me to do about this situation.  HE is always faithful which is a wonderful truth we have discovered over the 50 plus years we have served him! When we arrived at the church, the pastor asked me to read the gospel during the service.  I agreed to do that and knew that I would be reading from the big service book so didn’t feel the need to look it up beforehand.  When my eyes fell on these words while reading from the Gospel of Matthew (ch5 vs41-42), I knew my heavenly Father was speaking directly to my heart and I had the answer to my prayer.  “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.  Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.” I said a simple thank you in my heart at that moment and I know God heard me!