New England Frontier Camp Memories

Many years ago when we had our small farm in Maine, one of our sons belonged to a group at the local Baptist church that was similar to the Boy Scouts called the Boy’s Brigade/Christian Service Brigade.  Thru this group, he and his friends went to an inter-denominational independent Christian camp on Kezar Lake in Maine called New England Frontier Camp.

There, the boys and young men enjoyed the typical activities of swimming, hiking and boating as well as being mentored in Christian leadership skills. Many of them went on to be CIT’s, Counselors and Directors.

 One of the years that our son, Stephen, attended the camp I was offered the chance to be the camp cook for the last week of the summer.  Having done my share of summer hotel cooking jobs working my way through college, I was excited to accept the opportunity especially since ‘left-overs’ are my specialty and there was a freezer full of wonderful surprises!  

ONE they all remember was ‘Chocolate Chip Toll House Cookies’ filled with ice cream / BIG ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!

During that week (and several years following) I had the opportunity to get to know some of the most sincere and capable young men I have ever known. Not only were they enjoyable to know as campers, but some of whom have continued to stay in touch with Stephen and the rest of our family. 

Over the last 15 years, we have had a ‘SKI WEEK’ timeshare in New Hampshire as one way for our whole ‘spread out’ family to spend time together.  During that time, we have often had the chance to see some of these “campers”, now wonderful young men with families of their own, since many of them still live in New England. This year was special however!  Not only did they come to ski with Stephen, but also had a great meal and time together afterwards. During that time, we all got to share our faith, testimonies and some of our favorite memories, as well as the opportunity to give my book to the newest director of the camp.  Thanks for coming Steve!