Another Mountain Surprise Encounter

We are not really sure how many years we have been coming to the mountains of New Hampshire to enjoy some winter fun with our family but the pictures we have been sorting recently document at least fifteen years!  Normally we have two weeks, one by ourselves, and the other with as many other family members as can make the journey.  Several years in the past we have actually had all three sons and their families with us that second week which made our parental hearts truly glad! Over the years we have also been aware of the number of young people from South America who come to work in the mountain resorts during the winter months since we have spent many of the last fifteen years working in Chile as missionaries.  This year we have the joy of a third week (due to the disruption of one of our weeks last year) and as we were moving into our smaller quarters, we had the joy of meeting the young man who was cleaning the unit.  As we said hello, I realized from his accent that he was Spanish speaking, so I asked him where he was from!  We were both delighted when he said Chile since we have spent so many years recently in that delightful country.  Our joy was enhanced when he said he was from Santiago, the capital city where we spent our most recent years working as bi-lingual pastors!  We discovered his name was Pablo and he came from the section of Santiago called Maipu where we have friends who pastor the Vineyard Church there.  By this time we were all laughing and chatting like old friends sharing more and more information about our lives.  I told him that I had written a book, which had been translated into Spanish, but unfortunately I didn’t have a Spanish copy with me to give him.  Another moment of surprise came next when he said he would rather have a copy in English because he is trying to increase his English speaking!  I signed a copy of the Recycled Pharisee, which I exchanged for a photo.  We assured him that we will be praying for him and his family back home!