Evangelism in the Hot Tub

My youngest Pittsburgh granddaughter, Charis Madeline, came to the mountain with her father this year and yesterday morning she took a bad tumble while skiing so we got the emergency call to come and bring her back to the condo to rest.  After the routine checks to make sure she didn’t have a concussion during the afternoon, she decided after supper that a visit to the “outdoor hot-tub” would be the best medicine for her aching body!  Since no one else really wanted to go out in the night air, I agreed to go with her… I am always ready for a relaxing time in a hot-tub, either in or out of doors!  We settled into the indoor tub first with a few other people, one woman was from Montana with her mother who was from just down the road in Massachusetts! There was also a young couple in the hot-tub who were more talkative so we began to share the typical information about who we were and what brought us to the mountain.  Charis decided it was time to go to the “outside tub” so we made our way out into the cold night air, in our bathing suits, and settled into the glorious steaming treat!  After a good spell, I decided to go to the sauna while Charis made her way to the inside tub again.  As I opened the sauna door, I was surprised to see the young couple whom we had ‘chatted up’ in the pool.  I discovered that he is a fireman and she works in a hospital setting and of course I told them that I was a pastor.  That brought up the subject of them “having been brought up in the Catholic Church and at that moment the Holy Spirit said to me…”give them a book”! I left them one at the front desk and discovered that the woman working there knew them personally so I am excited to see what ‘Papa’ is going to do with this most recent “relational-evangelistic moment”!