The Nomad Pastor

One Sunday several years ago when I preached at the Las Condes Vineyard in Santiago, Chile a young man approached me after the service whom I had never met.  He introduced himself and said that he was not a member of the congregation but came that morning with some friends.  He said he believed that God had given him "a word" for me during the service.  Even though we had never met before, I had a quickening in my spirit that this was indeed a word from God for me in that moment! He shared the scripture and the Holy Spirit gently confirmed the words in my heart.  I thanked him for being a "faithful messenger" whom God used to bless me and gave him a big hug! On that day, a relationship began between a seventy-five year old retired American pastor and a twenty year old Chilean believer which continues to this day.  We only see each other once or twice a year if I get to Chile on a missions trip so he calls me his "nomad pastor"! We enjoy calls on What's App and pray for each other from a distance BUT in heaven there will be no distance between us!
Also wanted to add something that he wrote that touched our hearts!  
"Amazing time with my friend, my sensei, with my nomad pastor Richard Colby.  I love this man, his wisdom and his young heart, thank you for this time together.  I reall miss you and Janet.  I love you so much, I hope to see you God bless you Un super abrazo a todos"  We love you too Kevin!