Still in the Process of being Recycled

Recently, I had the first root canal in my seventy-nine years of living! I was a bit anxious even though my regular dentist who I like very much had recommended the new one to do the job. At the initial exam, I was not given much comfort by the new fella as he sat behind me in a rather unlit room explaining the procedure.  I must admit, even though the assistant was pleasant, I formed a very quick "pharisaical judgment" against this dentist and having the root canal because of this initial visit.  However, the whole procedure went without a hitch except for what I thought was too much idle chit-chat between the dentist and his assistant, which of course I was unable to participate in with my mouth propped open! When the dentist had finished, he drew his chair up beside me and looking straight at me now, asked how I was doing. I can't remember what I said at that moment BUT within a few minutes he was telling me about how he became a Christian! Within another few minutes, I was sharing my testimony with him and his assistant including how I eventually wrote a book about my experiences!  Of course, I had some books in the car and before I left his office, I gave both the dentist and his assistant a signed copy of The Recycled Pharisee! So you can see that this pharisee is still being "recycled"!