1st Cruise - Meeting Vanessa

We have just returned from our first ocean cruise.  Originally it was suppose to happen last year at this time to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary BUT our grandson’s high school marching band got invited to Hawaii to play at Pearl Harbor so we had to be there!  Actually, we ended up celebrating our anniversary at a wonderful eatery on a small island in Casco Bay in Maine BUT now I am getting ahead of myself so let’s go back to the cruise.  Before we left, I put several copies of my books (the Recycled Pharisee) in my suitcase and prayed that God would lead me to someone during the cruise to whom I could give a copy.  My wife says that I give away more than I sell which is probably true BUT for me that is my favorite form of evangelizing!  One evening I had gone up to the spa to relax and enjoy the eucalyptus sauna (such a glorious place to relax) and on the way back to the room, I stopped at one of the many bars on board, to get a drink of scotch to take back to the room.  I really didn’t think much of the fact that I was attired in my bathing suit, a heavy white cotton robe and my flip-flops! There was one seat at the bar right in the middle so I casually slid onto it without taking notice of anyone beside me.  I had hardly settled onto the cushioned stool when this woman to the right said in a rather loud voice, “I can’t believe it; a man in his bathrobe! I want to buy you a drink.”  I tried to tell her that I had bought the “drink package” which my daughter-in-law had insisted would be a bargain no matter how many drinks (alcoholic or non) I had during each day! However, she was insistent and since I just wanted to get back to my room, I decided not to argue with her.  Within a few minutes of conversation though I became aware that this was the “divine appointment” I had prayed for and when my scotch came I settled into a delightful conversation. My wife and I have come to term these sharing times “God-incidents” because there really are no co-incidents when you work for THE KING of KINGS!  Her father was a minister who was more into religion than relationships so she had turned away from seeking faith when she left home.  However, after some years of wandering and raising two daughters by herself she knew she still wanted more of what Jesus could offer.  I told her some of my story and when I found out that the next day was her birthday I told her I would leave a copy of my book by her door as a present!  I delivered the book the next morning and thought that might be the end of the story.  BUT, God had other plans!  Two nights later, when my wife, daughter-in-law and two of our sons were enjoying a small brass trio in the piano bar she appeared “from across the room” as they say.  She had recognized me fully dressed!  She had started the book and I was overjoyed to be able to introduce her to some of my family.  We have exchanged personal information and I asked her to give us some feedback on the website when she finishes the book!  God is always working in the most unlikelyplaces.