Message from a Fortune Cookie

Every so often I find a message in fortune cookie at a Chinese Restaurant that has a message, which I’m sure is “meant for me”!  Some people would call this happening a co-incidence, BUT I prefer to call them “God-incidences” because I truly feel the Holy Spirit urging me to take the message seriously!

If God could us a jackass in the Bible to get a person’s attention,

( Numbers 22:28 and 2 Peter 2:16 KJV ),  HE can use a message in a fortune cookie as well!  I was so moved by the simple statement in the cookie that I had my wife take a picture of it so I wouldn’t forget it!   The message was:

“The book should be a ball of light in ones hand”

Of course I immediately thought of the Bible, which for every Christian IS “the book”!  What an incredible statement to tuck into your memory bank and then remind yourself each day … “the book should be a ball of light in ones hand.”  Yes, the book, the Bible is our truth and with His truth we are called to be “ the light of the world”  (Matthew 5:14).  Let’s take that “ball of light” and throw it all around us so others can “see the truth” about our God, the Father of Jesus our Savior and live for His glory!