An Ocean Baptism

When we went to Chile the first few weeks of this year, we had numerous experiences with old friends both in a church setting and others more privately “in the open air”.  Ever since my early experiences of renewal when I discovered the power of the Holy Spirit in various places, “out in the open”, I have enjoyed seeking the Lord by myself and with others in common, ordinary  places.  It first, I felt somewhat uncomfortable “out in the open air” because of my background as an Episcopal priest where the liturgy and liturgical events are often “celebrated” inside a church building or some other “proper environment”.  However, the more I walk with the Lord and experience the Holy Spirit’s power, the more comfortable I feel sharing his love anywhere.  Consequently, in Chile, when Cristian and Faviola said they wanted to be peptized before their wedding AND they wanted to be baptized in the ocean, I was delighted.  I got to choose the spot and without hesitation I said, “ I want to go to Maitencillo which is my favorite beach in Chile.  We made a day of it and invited Cristian’s mother, Annie (who is my former Spanish teacher and secretary) to come along to celebrate with us!  We hada wonderful lunch by one section of beach and then found an ideal spot on the larger beach which has several small cove like sections under some larger rock protrusions.  We all went in the glorious water and with Cristian and Faviola proclaiming their desire to accept Jesus as their Savior and follow him for the rest of their lives, we let the wonderful ocean waves flow over them washing them and cleansing them from sin:  The laughter and hugging, in and out of the water,  was contagious and set the stage for more celebrating two days later at their wedding at a country vineyard in the Casablanca Valley.