Biblical Buts

For many years now, Janet and I have talked about writing a devotional book entitled “Biblical Buts”.  Every bible I own has a list of these interesting verses from God’s word which have caught my attention and pierced my heart since the time I was first saved almost forty years ago.  Many small scraps of paper show up every time we move (which we have done often over the last fifteen years) with several “biblical but” verses and we remind each other of “the devotional book”.  Last Sunday, during a board meeting for Foundations for Glory, we made a big leap into the social media generation and gave birth to Blogging Biblical Buts, a new feature on the foundation web page and Facebook page. Whenever the spirit moves either one of us about one of these powerful verses, we will share our thoughts and hopefully some of you will respond.  I have had the first one in my mind since last Sunday!  Since we both use numerous bibles for our own reading, we will try to remember to note the specific translation each time so you won’t get confused if there is not a “but” in the version you are reading!  In the letter to the Galatians, Paul says the following: “I was one of the most religious Jews of my own age, and I tried as hard as possible to follow all the old traditions of my religion.  BUT then something happened! For it pleased God in his kindness to choose me and call me, even before I was born! What undeserved mercy!”  (Chap 1:14-15 the New Living Translation) BUT then something happened!  We call those moments Holy Spirit breakthroughs! In a split second, He, the Holy Spirit of God, shows up and and shakes our “religious framework” which we have so carefully constructed over the years so that nothing is the same from that moment on!  Paul began to experience the joy of a personal relationship with his heavenly Father from the moment he was knocked off his horse! The old pharisaical lifestyle couldn’t compare to being in his presence and hearing his voice! God loves to surprise his children! Are you expecting Him to break into your life today with his love and mercy?