The Recycled Pharisee

Join us as Richard uses his new book, 'The Recycled Pharisee' to show how God can take a one time pharisee, and turn his heart into a true yearning for ministry and serving of others.

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Some people may think that Pharisees are only found in the Bible. However, there are "pharisees" in every culture and generation, people who because of their status, education, cultural advantage, or position believe they have earned "the right to be right." I was such a person for the first half of my life. I believed that because my role as a priest in the Episcopal Church, it was my job to be right so that I could help others avoid being wrong! Then I had a face-to-face confrontation with the one, true living God of the universe, who began to teach me what "being right" was really about. With God's help, during the second half of my life, I have grown from being a self-righteous (and some would say pompous) jerk to becoming a humble servant living in His righteousness!

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